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Safety Features to Look For When Buying a Car

new carSafety should be your number one priority when buying a new vehicle or used car. There are over 30,000 parts in each car, but the most important ones you need to keep in mind are the ones that will protect you in case of an accident. Considering that in their first year of driving, 20% of drivers under 16 years of age have an accident and that over 2,600 deaths occur each year…
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Benefits of Buying Used Cars

used carIt is no secret that us Americans enjoy buying used. From used textbooks to gently used clothing, buying used is a great way to save on costs, but not skimp on quality. So why not buy used cars?

Considering that the average vehicle will have three owners on average over its lifetime, and 75% of the automotive transactions in the U.S. involve used vehicles, buying used has been the preferred method of millions. They…
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